Trending Tuesdays, II: Dumblonde Dominates

By Arlene Lormestoire

Via LA Times

If you couldn’t get enough of pop-dance hits in 2015, you’re in luck: there’s are newcomers to the scene, and they come armed with blonde hair and four-on-the-floor juggernauts.

Packing an intense, girl-powered punch towards the male dominated dance-pop scene, Dumblonde’s sound is heavily mixed with reggae, trap and hip-hop sounds. On their newly released self-titled album, their songs all feature a distinct characteristic that is utterly Dumblonde. It sounds like makeup studio background music, but trust me, it’s impressive. Their most popular song, “White Lightning,” offers a bold focus on vocals to a trap beat, while “Remember Me” features the head-bopping, cigar smoking reggae feel everyone needs. Apart from their faster songs, they somehow manage to maintain slower, thought-evoking rhythms all the beat of a strong bass drum.

Acapella. Reggae. Hip-hop. It seems like Dumblonde, while creating a new angle on dance-pop experiments with many different genres. Due to this, it is slightly difficult to pin-point what is their sound. Since they are a new group, it is understandable they haven’t created a unique sound…or have they? While their album has widely different beats, it is their ability to craft these genres into one that is impressive. Rather than stick to one sound, they concoct their own mix of genres and make a new genre that is their own.

Although most of their album is geared towards dance, the songs remarkably hold their own as different entities. In between the song “you got me” lies the repeated phrase “dumblonde”. Almost a watermark on what is theirs, the duo successfully claims what is their sound. This sound, an upbeat jungle of different genres and beats is an awakening experience for the ears. Underneath the synthesizing and beat drops lies a wiry yet endearing voice along with bubbly, smooth voice to match it. This pairing is astounding, and offers an unmatched aspect to the music itself. Unlike most dance-pop nowadays the vocals are, in fact, good, maybe too good.

Dumblonde is made up of duo Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex. If these names don’t sound familiar, think Danity Kane. That’s right, these girls are ex-members of the long extinct girl-group, dipping their toes into the pool of dance-pop. Catch these talented girls rising from the ashes of the legendary girl group and dominating the scene.

Arlene Lormestoire is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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