Trending Tuesdays, I: Mash’d N Kutcher Truly Delivers

By Arlene Lormestoire

Via Melbourne Bounce

“I HOPE YOU TIPPED HIM $10,000 AND RESIDUALS FOR LIFE.” is one of the comments that appeared below a video featuring a pizza man, a laptop and two guys with a penchant for avant-garde beats.

Mash’d N Kutcher is an innovative duo that finds popularity among average Youtube watchers, especially through their music video, “WHEN U COLLAB WITH THE PIZZA GUY”. Declarative and daring at best, the duo orders a pizza and allows the delivery man to sample his voice. The nameless pizza delivery song begins with with a fairly convoluted set of tones played on the piano – which understandably, is by a surprised pizza delivery man – that reminds any listener of a nursery rhyme. However, the piano pattern is suddenly transformed into an EDM melody, paralleling the tones of DJ Snake and Knife Party. With a enthusiastic clap sample in the background, the experimental song proves itself as a go-to party song.

Other collaborations of Mash’d N Kutcher featuring everyday sounds are songs with the sounds of a rising plane, a grocery store and random people in public. The ability of this Australian electronic dance music duo to take samples from unrelated places and create a dynamic remix of life itself is simply astounding. With every new song, the details of the songs become even more precise – from using a delivery man’s voice to making a beat from the closing of a door in the freezer section. It’s evident that even though today’s EDM can become repetitive and tired out, Mash’d N Kutcher keeps their music fresh and unexpected. And if the use of everyday sounds doesn’t strike a chord, it’s their live use of drums and the piano in their performances.

Although their videos featuring the sounds of everyday life are the most viewed, Mash’d N Kutcher also offers the typical EDM songs. One of their latest releases, No Way Out is a upbeat track paired with surprisingly delicate vocals. Instead of maintaining the average EDM rhythm within the song, they slow it down a bit that evokes innate head-banging. Unfortunately, only few can rock out to their tunes, simply because not many people know of them. Hopefully their music will one day rise to prominence, along with the sounds of life itself.

Arlene Lormestoire is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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