The Out-Do, II: Noname Gypsy, Young Empires, and Death by Unga Bunga

By Opheli Garcia Lawler

Via Her Campus

It’s week two, and the weather is getting colder, which means that you will be frequently your coffee shop more frequently, and spending more time indoors, and that may involve talking to more people. Impress them with your knowledge of obscure bands.

Noname Gypsy

Fatimah Warner, from Chicago still is working on her first mixtape debut Telefone. She has been featured on tracks by Chance the Rapper, and gained her notoriety from being on “Lost” on the album Acid Rap. She started out as a slam poet and merged her talents into rap. Until her mixtape drops be sure to check out her soundcloud.

Young Empires 

Young Empires and Justin Bieber have one thing in common: They are both from Canada. This band produces high quality indie rock, and the visuals that accompany the music are equally impressive. Check out “The Gates” to get a great sample of what they have to offer.
Death By Unga Bunga 

With sounds that remind you of old surfer rock and the 90’s punk scene, Norway’s Death By Unga Bunga is perfect for the afternoons you want to revisit your teenage angst. With arresting live performances, and no official U.S. releases, they will be the band that truly astounds your West Village barista trash hipster. Their soundcloud has some pretty great songs, be sure to check it out.

Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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