Sophomore Sundays, II: How to Get Away with Murder

By Serena Jia

Via Design Trend

The case of the week involves a sex party organizer accused of killing a client with whom she was in love with, classic. Full disclosure: we learn that the woman is responsible for the guy’s death by sex. But since Annalise is Annalise, she can’t lose. Annalise manages to divert the accusation away from the client and onto the victim’s wife and gets the not guilty verdict for her client. The client, who is a understandably feels guilty about the whole ordeal, asks Annalise how she sleeps at night. Annalise fires back that she sleeps “alone—on comfortable sheets”, a reference to an email Eve sent her, and then tacks on that she likes expensive vodka.

The case of the season continues and shocker! The Hapstall siblings are caught in a photo where it looks like they’re about to kiss. I don’t think anyone was surprised at the incest allegations. Who took the shot? The housekeeper who also thinks the siblings murdered their parents. The flash forward of Annalise on the ground bleeding out from her gunshot wound looking at a photo of the Hapstalls saying, “why would they do it?” is also pretty incriminating but nothing in this show is ever as it seems.

Parallels are fun as we see the relationship between Wes and Annalise mirrored with Nate and Annalise in similar simulations and yes film composition. Both get super close to having sex with her but then they don’t and it’s revealed that Wes paid a visit to Nate and they agree to work together. On what, who knows?

The rest of the Keating Five—Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Asher—all get up to their own shenanigans this week. Connor and Oliver resume their sex life after Connor finishes PrEp. The two seem happy which never bodes well in Shondaland. Michaela continues to see Levi which Wes discovers his actually Rebecca’s secret foster brother. Levi claims he’s not EGGS911 (I’m not buying it) and they agree to work together to find out what happened to Rebecca. Laurel attempts to get to know Frank better through Bonnie. That’s an interesting friendship to see and I hope we’ll see more interactions between them going forward. Asher almost escapes the hands of Sinclair and then she brings up Trotter Lake. What is Trotter Lake? It’s bad enough for Asher to call in his super powerful lawyer dad.

End of episode flash forward shows us the usual fare: Annalise bleeding out from the gunshot wound, Sinclair’s head being smashed in, Connor, Laurel, Michaela, and Wes all fleeing the Hapstall mansion. And then the four end up racing out of the scene with Nate in his cop car?

So are the Keating Four in cahoots with Nate? Why is Wes aligning with so many people, is he practicing for Survivor? Does anybody still care about the case of the season? Because I definitely don’t.

I’m feeling HTGAWM slowly slipping. It’s good, it’s just not as good as season one. It seems that its doomed to the fate of other Shonda shows.

Also ratings slipped for the third week in a row and hit series lows. So it seems as if other people are feeling the HTGAWM sophomore slump. Hopefully it’ll redeem itself by the end of the season, if not the midseason finale.

HTGAWM’s season one is on Netflix. It is currently airing on ABC Thursday nights at ten pm.

Serena Jia is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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