The Out-Do, I: August Eve, Lupa J, and Austin Plaine

By Opheli Garcia Lawler

Via Her Campus

Every two weeks, I’ll be posting a list of artists you should be getting to who are undiscovered enough to impress all your friends, and out-do the obscure hipsterdom of the barista at your favorite West Village coffee shop. (You all have one, and even if you actually just go to Starbucks, you’ve found another coffee shop you can at least say you go to.)

For the birth of this column, I’m going to introduce you to three great artists that by the end of this list, your mere knowledge of their existence will bolster your coffee shop cool points.

August Eve 

While August Eve is only 18, she already has the well earned titles of writer, director, and artist under her belt. Her haunting, soulful video to accompany the song “Ghost” will make you think of The Heathers or some other late 90’s early 2000’s teen drama. However, under this talented woman’s direction, the story in the video takes on near ethereal qualities.

Listen Here: Ghost

Lupa J

Just 17, this young Australian is making waves as an artist whose sound is reminiscent of deep house, but with smooth smoky vocals, and electric lyrics. Lupa J is the perfect artist to add to your house party playlist. Her single “Armour” will make you feel like you’re flying a few hundred feet above the ground, or skinny dipping with a supermodel in a european sea, I promise.

Listen Here: Armour

Austin Plaine 

Everyone needs a folky indie singer that they felt like they personally discovered. Let Minneapolis singer-songwriter Austin Plaine be yours. His music is entirely feel good, entirely floating down a stream on a warm summer day or dancing during a rainstorm. “Never Come Back Again” is undoubtedly going to be playing during the closing scenes of an inspiring indie love story very soon.

Listen Here: Never Come Back Again

Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Highlighter Staff Columnist. Email her at


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