Highlighterism, Episode II: The Spookiest Podcast of All Time

By WSN Arts Staff

Calling all disembodied skeletons (we KNOW you’re out there). On this extra-spooky (spoopy?) episode of the podcast, the #ArtsSquad takes on old Halloween films, our obsessions for the week, and we meet Kieran’s new roommate, HONY.**

The Highlighter’s new generation of arts editors is here, and all the witches, goblins, and ghouls prowling the streets of New York can’t keep us from bringing you a much-needed bi-weekly dose of snark, Halloween commentary, and general arts news.

Thanks for tuning in, and if you’re looking for a hang-out spot this October, we recommend Green-wood Cemetery (just try to leave before midnight; don’t want you to get dragged into the floor by a zombie or anything).

This podcast was curated by:

  • E.R. Pulgar, Highlighter Editor
  • Audrey Deng, Arts Editor
  • Allison Stubblebine, Entertainment Editor
  • Kieran Graulich, Music Editor
  • Joseph Myers, Theater/Books Editor
  • Zach Martin, Film Editor
  • Special Guest: Francis Schichtel, Highlighter Photography Consultant
  • **HONY, The Spooky Scary Arts Skeleton

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