Highlighterism, Episode I: An #ArtSquad Introduction

By WSN Arts Staff

A new semester calls for a new start.

On this episode of the podcast, the first of the fall semester, we talk Yoko Ono’s often problematic life as her MoMA exhibition closes, changes to the podcast and the blog in general, invite a guest writer from the Arts section to discuss life with us for the first time ever, and get to know each other…intimately.

The Highlighter’s new generation of arts editors (endearingly known amongst themselves as the #ArtSquad) is here. Tell your friends, your lovers, your sister’s best friend’s cousin. We can’t wait to keep you all in the loop with our obsessions and with what is happening in the arts at NYU and New York City at large.

This podcast was curated by:

  • E.R. Pulgar, Highlighter Editor
  • Audrey Deng, Arts Editor
  • Allison Stubblebine, Entertainment Editor
  • Kieran Graulich, Music Editor
  • Joseph Myers, Theater/Books Editor
  • Zach Martin, Film Editor
  • Ryan Matera, Highlighter Staff Columnist (or Contributing Editor, so he says)

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