The Golden Age of Television

by Anubhuti Kumar

via Deadline

“Veep,” “Silicon Valley,” “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” all had their premieres on Sunday night, April 12th.

As the sun starts to shine again after what seems like an eternity, it’s puts a spotlight on another reappearance: that of well loved and much anticipated TV shows and their spring premieres. For fans, this journey back into worlds they know and love is a relief. Television has been enjoyed as a form of entertainment for a couple generations now but it seems that in recent years it has become even prominent and widespread.

With new technology comes more ways to watch television; the growing flexibility allows a larger audience to participate in the excitement. In this facet is where the modern era facilitates TV watching and makes it the golden age for television. Having caches of shows on Netflix and being able to DVR them and catch up at leisure allows more people to follow more shows, making television and important part of pop culture literacy and conversation. This easy access causes so much conversation and recommendations.

The types of shows on TV right now also contribute to the burgeoning golden era. The variety of channels as well as modes of distribution allow for a diverse range of offerings that cater to all kinds of different interests. By having comedies and dramas, light-hearted and intellectual shows, everybody has interest in watching. With shows like “Mad Men” and “Silicon Valley” that depict the ironies and ins and outs of specific careers gives the audience a peek into lives different from theirs in a smart and interesting way as to captivate audiences with situations more unique than the now played out cheery family sitcoms. The comedy lies in the realistic ironies of everyday life and careers in corporate America. “Veep,” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, presents the same issues with the President of the US being a woman, and presenting the ideals of what America could be with the struggles that would go hand in hand.

In the end, this golden age of television that we seems to be in right, with the actors in popular shows leaping into Hollywood stardom after demonstrating their skills on these shows as well as the lure for well-established actors to do more TV only reiterates this point. The golden age is not solely defined by the rise in popularity of TV show in general, but the quality and versatility of the material they present. Television is the now of mainstream media and entrainment.

Anubhuti Kumar is a staff writer. Contact her at


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