Highlighter Playlist (No. 4)

By Michael Waller

Check out what WSN’s Music Desk is listening to this week.

It’s Sunday afternoon and you haven’t slept since ditching your 9:30 lecture Thursday morning. You’re still wired from all of the uppers, downers, and in-between-ers coursing through your veins, but brunch registers itself as an imperative in your barely functioning brain. Stumbling and staggering towards French Roast, Washington Square Park is your catwalk. Artfully ripped designer jeans cling to your toothpick legs culminating in tall, black leather boots as you duck and dodge between tourists, toddlers on leashes, and dudes muttering, “Sour diesel” under their breath. This is rock and roll.

Michael Waller is a staff writer. Email him at music@nyunews.com.


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