The Disco Fries discuss diverging from typical EDM, working with Tïesto

By Zane Warman

via Infamous PR
via Infamous PR

WSN sat down with Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic, better known as The Disco Fries, to talk about working with famed-EDM artist Tïesto and how their delicious stage name came about.

WSN: What’s the hardest thing about carving out a niche in a market as saturated as EDM?

N: We love that there’s so much new music being thrown at us every day. Literally hundreds of records are popping up on our radar every week. I definitely think there are tons of artists that feel threatened by that. For us, it’s a challenge to push ourselves sonically, make records that are different and really just do us. It’s never been about keeping up with EDM or staying true to dance music like a purist: it’s been about making really good music, writing songs that inspire fans, producers, and DJs. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we don’t particularly give a shit about what sounds are trending or what’s “working.” That’s really what our entire new mini-album, “Autonomous,” is about. We just wanted to write great music and do what we wanted without any added politics that sometimes can come from a label or team trying to find the right “angle.” The art gets lost in all of that and as artists it’s important to be aware of that. We are proud to say this project is unfiltered and was turned down by just about every label it would have made sense for on the planet.

WSN: What do you like more: remixing or creating original tracks?

Danny: It’s nice to switch between the two. Remixing has its own creative challenges as to how much of the original we decide to keep and how much of our own twist we can put on it. With our originals, we can sometimes take more freedom on what sounds we use and think of what kind of vocalist we can hear on the record. Ultimately, we like bouncing between the two because it keeps us on our toes creatively and helps to keep us from getting into a rut.

WSN: What was the most important thing you learned from working with Tïesto?

N: Every time we step in the studio with him, we learn something or get pushed creatively. I’d have to say the most important thing we take away from our experiences with him is just to be unique in every sense of the word. He has helped us carve out a niche and pushed our boundaries. “Autonomous” wouldn’t exist without us digging in with him on the “A Town Called Paradise” album. It was a massive learning experience, and we took so much away from that project that it was impossible for it to have not influenced our own work.

WSN: Why the “The Disco Fries”?

D: Everyone always asks that! When we were in college, I came up to New Jersey to visit Nick and work on some music. We went to a diner before hitting the studio and saw Disco Fries on the menu. Being fans of everything fried, we ordered them. A few months later we decided we needed to come up with an artist name, and Disco Fries immediately popped into our heads.

Zane Warman is a staff writer. Email him at


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