Hump Day Update: April 8, 2015

By Rachel A.G. Gilman

via Wikipedia
via Wikipedia

Welcome to Hump Day Update, the place to find out everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the entertainment world for the week. I’m Rachel A.G. Gilman. But enough about me, let’s get to the news.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, the TV world has oldies but goodies making comebacks in rebirth and re-envisioned spin-offs. This week, “Fuller House,” was announced for a possible Netflix reboot staring all your ‘90s favorites from the Tanner clan. Hey, TV producers, if you’re starved for inspiring screenwriters, just stop by NYU, where there are quite a few Tisch seniors filled with talent who are nervously biting their fingernails over job opportunities.

Jay-Z stopped by NYU last Wednesday to discuss his new streaming service, Tidal. Celebs have been a buzz about the secretive new project, especially Nicki Minaj who tweeted she would be releasing “exclusive footage” via the service. After seeing the Anaconda album cover and the rest of Nicki’s recent scantily clad music videos, is it fair to wonder what else is left for the rapper to bear?

“A.D. The Bible Continues” premiered Sunday night on NBC as a continuation of 2012’s hit mini-series, meaning that the awkward phrase, “Wow, isn’t Jesus super hot?” will come into conversations once again.

Taylor Swift’s fans are racing and clicking to see whether “Blank Space” or “Shake It Off” will be the first to reach 1 billion YouTube views. Meanwhile, I’m trying to determine which has been played in the Upstein dining hall more times this semester (“Shake It Off,” hands down). Shake it up a little, dining hall music!

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace joined the crowd of bullies who have participated in the “fat-shaming” of Kelly Clarkson and her post-baby body. Clarkson took the comments in stride, saying she’s more worried for her the well-beings of her fans who hear the comments than her own, which is good. After all, Fox News never gets their facts right.

Rapper T-Pain became a sex and relationship expert in a Rolling Stone interview this week, revealing he doesn’t think sex on the first date is always the best choice. Who would’ve thought the world of hip-hop would be the place offering healthy ideas about how to treat women?

Speaking of sexism, Meghan Trainor responded to the extreme backlash the music video for her song “Dear Future Husband” has received, replying that her only intentions for the song were directed toward her future husband, “wherever he is.” Isn’t it sad we live in a world where a girl can’t get dressed up in pin-up attire and try to bake a cake without people accusing her of wanting to be a brainless bimbo? You do your thing, MTrain.

The final season of “Mad Men” premiered this week on AMC, starting what the network is advertising as 14 episodes until “the end of an era.” Well, AMC, if that era is stories about middle-aged, white men-children who act out while struggling with feelings they refuse to cope with aloud, I hate to tell you but that story has carried out past the 1960s and goes on pretty much everyday (am I right, ladies?).

And finally, on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon brought back the adorable golden retriever puppies to predict the winner of the NCAA Final Four. Sadly, the puppies’ choice of the underdog Michigan State turned out to be wrong, proving a pretty face does not necessarily mean a brilliant mind, but I’m a bit of a sucker for a cutie so I’ll forgive them.

Hope you enjoyed this week! See you back here next Wednesday.

Rachel A.G. Gilman is a staff writer. Email her at


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