Joshua Radin and friends coming to Irving Plaza

By Maryann Odete

via Megan Klipfel

Joshua Radin is a singer-songwriter hailing from  Ohio. His music has been featured on multiple TV shows, including “Scrubs,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Cougar Town.” His latest album, “Onwards and Sideways,” was released in January of this year. The album sticks with his signature style without seeming repetitive or boring. Currently on tour, Radin will be playing at Irving Plaza on Saturday, March 21st, along with Cary Brothers and Rachael Yamagata. Music from his latest album can be expected, but fans can also look forward to his old hits.

Both Yamagata and Brothers fit into the singer-songwriter genre, but they are far from
mimics of Radin. Yamagata has a similar sound and mood to Radin, in that her music feels
warm, soft and inviting; however, she establishes herself as a unique artist. Doubling as a pianist, Yamagata pours a lot of feeling into her music and will undoubtedly give the evening a much-needed feminine touch.

Cary Brothers, like Radin, has had his music featured in film and television. Brothers’ voice has a rock star quality. By overlaying onto the soft guitar that typically accompanies the singer-songwriter genre, he brings out the texture of the song. And he manages to do this without making any aspect of his music feel out of place. His vocals and his instrumentals blend perfectly together to make a very soothing sound.

Joshua Radin has been releasing music for over ten years. With each album, he
accomplishes something new. His voice has an uplifting quality that stems from its lightness. His music encapsulates the emotion of happiness because he sounds happy to be making his music. Radin has the coffee house/lounge ambience going for him, as do Yamagata and Brothers. Expectations should be set to a fun, but calm evening.

Doors open at 7 and the concert is set to start at 8. Tickets are still available through
Radin’s website. For fans of Radin, this concert is a must; for those looking for something new, Radin, Yamagata, and Brothers will provide an evening to remember.

Maryann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at


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