Guy Gerber returns to Marquee, brings Ibiza to NYC

By E.R. Pulgar


Established electronic underground artist Guy Gerber came back to signature Manhattan club Marquee tonight for his second year of residence, mirroring his successful clandestine beach parties in Ibiza.

Gerber spoke with WSN over the phone to talk about his success in New York, where he sees deep house going in the next few years, and his “11-11” project.

Afer playing in Brooklyn for years during New York shows, Gerber settled down in Marquee, noting the venue “[gave him] a better playground to do all the things [he has] in mind.” Other than the space Marquee has to offer, Gerber has a special place in his heart for the booth where he will be spinning.

“I am very excited to go back, especially since I found out that this is the same DJ booth where they filmed the ‘Daavinci’ video for SNL,” he said with a laugh.

In the video, actor Andy Samberg parodies the typical EDM artist, mocking the genre’s devolution into a corporate machine and the artists’ transformation into buffoons. Despite this jab at electronic music culture, Gerber isn’t worried for the future of deep house or its derivatives, stating “there’s definitely more music out there; there’s been a lot of bad music, but the amount of good music has increased.”

Despite this statement, Gerber worries for the lyricists of the future, mentioning grunge band Nirvana as “the voice of a generation” in comparison to the songs of today: “I don’t know where it’s going, but if it’s going in this direction, it is just going to get worse and worse.”

Over the course of five years, Gerber completed “11-11,” a deep house project in collaboration with Diddy. According to Gerber, “[the album] was less a concept than a bridge between two worlds. It was a way to convince Diddy and to convince the world to listen to it.” After giving it away for free, claiming “love of the music” over any compensation, Gerber made a splash in the deep house scene, and most definitely made his music heard in an unorthodox fashion.

As far as the residency goes, Gerber says it will maintain the sensibility of his clandestine “Rumors” beach parties in Ibiza. He stated that “people go to parties to rave, and even if they don’t, they will see other people do it.” According to Gerber, this helps “[create] a vibe where the Brooklyn crowd comes into Manhattan.” Ibiza sensibility aside, Gerber is also bringing along the grueling set durations people in the legendary island pound their fists to.

“I play six hours,” Gerber stated, “I don’t need to rush or play big tunes. At around 3 a.m., in other clubs the music would be banging, but I make music that’s a little deeper, and that is the way people play in Ibiza.”

The Ibiza legend dropped by Marquee March 20th to end his second quarterly residency at the legendary Manhattan club. Needless to say, it was a perfect last hurrah for the deep house set that has to come back to reality post-spring break.

E.R. Pulgar is music editor. Email him at


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