“Why Can’t It be Everlasting?” marks five years for Tracy Williams, Ltd.

By Rebecca Jane Brown

via Tracy Williams, Ltd.

Chelsea is associated with warehouses, the beautiful highline, and, of course, the cluster  of galleries. However, it is the beginning of an end: one of the most interesting galleries, Tracy Williams, Ltd., is holding its final exhibit, “Why Can’t It Be Everlasting?” which features 15 artists to commemorate the five years of the gallery in its Chelsea location.

Tracy Williams is a contemporary art gallery that showcases emerging artists and has always been known for its interest in multiple mediums. The gallery often includes projects such as performances, film series, large scale installations, curatorial projects, and lectures. The Chelsea location creates a suitable space for a free creative process to occur.

via Tracy Williams, Ltd.

The final exhibition is about memories and sentiments, as well as excitement and hope about the future. Each artist and their works represents the uniqueness of the gallery through the exploration of a variety of means and methods. The individuality is something Tracy Williams has thrived at since its inception.

In this exhibition, paintings, sculptures, and photographs are placed in close proximity with each other, showcasing the relationship between different objects and space. They are placed in a thought-provoking manner that produces tension. Artists explore traditional themes of structure, material, color, and light, as well as more modern themes such as the psychological and the spatial, and the metaphysical tension between living things and their environment, both in nature and urban settings.

The gallery is an immersive experience of dialogue of differences and similarities. It is a pleasure to see how these elements interplay with each other. Some renowned artists in this installation include Morgane Tschiember, Ernst Caramelle, and Nicole Cherubini.

The atmosphere is sentimental as well as hopeful. Since its opening on 521 West 23rd St., many exciting projects has occurred. Yet the curators remain positive about the future. Although the new location is unclear, the curators express their confidence for a brighter future.

“Why Can’t it be Everlasting?” is open on 521 West 23rd St. until March 21.

Rebecca Brown is a contributing writer. Contact her at entertainment@nyunews.com.


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