“Broadchurch”: Season 2, Episode 2

By Nivea Serrao

via the Telegraph

Knowing the truth and getting justice isn’t the same thing. Unfortunately for the Latimers, they’re learning this the hard way, as Wednesday’s episode of “Broadchurch” sees the first crack in the prosecution’s case against Joe Miller.

This minor crack (in an otherwise solid argument) comes from Ellie’s sword — or rather, fists. Because she assaulted her (ex?) husband last season, his confession is excluded from the prosecution. This is an unsurprising development in the case, considering how much effort the show puts into exploring the consequences of people’s actions (after all Mark is still being questioned about his hitting Danny). Not to mention that the show still has six more episodes to fill. Though it is interesting to note that it was Hardy’s wife (also a cop) that led to evidence getting stolen in the as yet unsolved Sandbrook case. In any case, the score in court so far is Bishop 1, Knight 0.

Elsewhere, Mark is still hanging out with Tom, creating another parallel; but this time it’s to Danny and Joe’s relationship — but without the sinister undertones. Instead, we are given a father trying to work through his grief by being there for his dead son’s best friend, even if it means just sitting around and playing video games. While it is worrisome that Mark is keeping their hang outs a secret, it’s clear that he and Beth are not really connecting over her pregnancy or the grief of losing a child. However, it seems that Tom is actually enjoying the interaction, which is a good thing, since he isn’t in contact with either one of his parents. (Side note: Is it just me or has Tom grown a few inches since we saw him last week?)

Speaking of people who are keeping secrets from Beth, Rev. Paul is still visiting Joe in prison, but his motives are as unclear as ever. While he says that he’s there to help and guide Joe, I can’t help but feel these meetings are a form of penance. Is there something the good Rev. might be feeling guilty about?

Th e Rev.’s lying to Beth when she needs someone to talk to only highlights the huge gap in her support system. Whereas she could have once relied on her mother or Ellie as a shoulder to lean on, her mother’s death and the rift in their friendship has left no one else she can really turn to outside of her daughter Chloe and the closed off Mark – neither of which is advisable at the moment. Beth is alone with her grief and anger and this comes out in her ill-timed confrontation with Ellie. Obviously Ellie’s involvement in getting the confession thrown out of court is a huge hurdle to get over, but I’m still rooting for these two to find a way to mend their friendship – or at least be cordial to each other. Alec is Ellie’s only friend at the moment and that can’t be a good thing. (Especially if he’s preparing salads for their shared meals.)

Luckily this episode takes steps to remedy that by giving us the beginnings of a friendship between Claire and Ellie. Both of these women bring a lot of similarities (and acting chops) to the table. Not only were both of their husbands accused of murdering children, but they’re both also involved in building the case against them. However, Claire is also a stark reminder that these kinds of cases can go wrong, with justice never getting served. To be fair, other than Alec’s staunch conviction that he is guilty, we haven’t really seen any definitive evidence that Lee did commit the crimes. But then again, innocent people don’t go around kidnapping their (ex?) wives.

Most of the characters had a rough go of it this episode, but hopefully a new Latimer baby will help lighten next week’s episode as we continue with the uphill battle that is this trial.

Stray Observations:
* Who was more bored with that lecture, Hardy or the poor cops sitting through it?
* “Do I have to follow you around everywhere?” As I mentioned last week, that would be a solid way to find Claire.
* This week’s lighting was on point with the chess metaphor. Jocelyn Knight basked in the sunlight, while Sharon Bishop was a dark silhouette on a cliff.
* Geez. Even this show’s crime scene photography is beautiful.
* “I hate salad.” Oh Ellie, I just want to wrap you in a blanket and make you multiple cups of tea.
* Is there anything a plate of chips (or fries) can’t fix?
* Will we ever find out if Broadchurch has a Thai restaurant?
* James D’Arcy could have intense chemistry with a bowl of pudding.

What did you think of tonight’s guilt-ridden affair? Are you afraid for Claire? Do you want to know what the take-out situation in town is like?

Nivea Serrao is a staff writer. Contact her at entertainment@nyunews.com.


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