NYFA Idir Art Exhibit: Hozier, Sinead Cullen, and more

by Mary Ann Odete

via Center for Creative Practices

Initially opening on October 9th, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) exhibit “idir” had its second installment on Friday January 16th. “Idir” is a project between NYFA and artists based in Ireland that create connections between cultures through art and performance. The exhibit’s opening had a majority of the contributing artists in attendance. Alison McKenna performed an excerpt from Iris Park’s poem “Do You Know Who I Am?,” Sinead Cullen and Frances Mezzetti did an improvised sound and movement piece titled “Now,” Eleonore Nicolas had the audience participate with her piece “Well Done, You’re Brilliant” and to end the night, Hozier performed unplugged with Alana Henderson.

At the second installment of the idir exhibit, Brian Horgan preformed with a back-up band. Like opening night, there was a laid back feel to the occasion. Horgan’s band was made up of Tara Novak, the band leader and violinist, Danny Weller, bassist, David Gardos, keyboard player and Shannon Ford, drummer. In addition to his own music, Horgan performed renditions of “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees.

After the performance, there was a chance to meet the musicians and get a look at the art. The paintings on display are magnificent, but there is also a multimedia experience: there is a screen where one can watch the performance pieces such as the full performance of Park’s “Do You Know Who I Am?” as done by Alison McKenna and also “Well Done, You’re Brilliant.” There are headphones and an mp3, so that one can listen to music by Brian Horgan. Currently on display is the Group Ego Trip 1 (G.E.T. 1), which will be coming down in less than two weeks. The art is definitely worth experiencing because it is not only visual, but interactive as well. “Idir” means between, and the connections between cultures and people are evident as one walks through the exhibit. This project has had a significant on not only the artists who had the chance to participate, but it is also a step in making connections between artists from around the world. There is still a short bit of time to see the exhibit. It runs through January 30th at NYFA headquarters in 20 Jay St. in Brooklyn. For more information, feel free to visit the NYFA website or check out idir’s Facebook or Twitter page. While this may be the end of Group Ego Trip 1, keep watch for more to come from these amazing people.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at film@nyunews.com.


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