Zomboy provides high-energy performance in San Francisco

By Dan Moritz-Rabson

Via Dan Moritz-Rabson for WSN

On Saturday, Dec. 27, Joshua Mellody, better known as Zomboy, blew the crowd away during his show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA. After touring across America during the summer to celebrate the release of “The Outbreak,” his most recent album, and then touring Europe, Zomboy stopped in San Francisco during his U.S. return.

Zomboy’s performance followed the sets of Fox Stevenson and Getter, who provided high-energy openers, consequently raising the crowd’s energy. Getter, a young artist known for his heavy, innovative, and unique style, is a performer particularly popular in the Bay Area, and he created an anticipatory atmosphere for Mellody, during his set. As Zomboy took the stage after Getter’s performance, the crowd roared in approval.

Once set up onstage, Zomboy lit up the venue with a cascade of lights. Following the brief depiction of dark graphics showing forests, which backlit the artist, creating an almost surreal effect, Zomboy flashed oranges, yellows, and reds upon the crowd in a flurry of color, while bringing the music to a crashing drop. As the beat came to a climax, Zomboy stood with his arms straight in the air, right before the song blasted bass, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Along with the lights that constantly roved over the venue, illuminating fans from the front to the back with phosphorescent beams, Zomboy’s setup featured an intricately designed panel of custom graphics that spanned the width of the stage. Whether displaying miniature creatures resembling dinosaurs that roamed across the panel, animated blue zombies holding brains and pulsing to the music, or robot-like figures illuminated on a black background by their neon outlines, the graphics accompanying Zomboy’s set brought to life the visual images he presumably imagined while producing his songs, in a way that offered fans an inside look into his creative process.

Zomboy further stimulated the crowd with his active performing style. He kept the crowd bouncing to his music during the whole show, including as he was looking up towards the roof while raising his hands, before bringing them down in time with the song’s drop, occasionally jumping up onto the table on which his mixing equipment sat, and dancing around throughout his set.

Though Zomboy held an impressive stage presence and had an intricate light setup, the most notable aspect of the show was the fluidity with which he mixed songs together. In between laying down popular tracks, such as “Skull ‘n’ Bones” and “Outbreak,” which features Armanni Reign, from his most recent album, he mixed in popular favorites by other artists such as Cookie Monsta’s remix of Zomboy’s “WTF!?” and “Get Low” by Dillon Francis and DJ Snake.

During his set, Zomboy easily transitioned between genres, throwing in a few drum and bass songs and trap tracks. While this variation from his typical style proved interesting, the energy with which he delivered his characteristically bass-infused music sold the show.

Dan Moritz-Rabson is a contributing writer. Email him at music@nyunews.com


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