The 1975 electrifies Terminal 5

By Janelle Pitts

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Though The 1975 have been making music for ten years, it feels like the band’s popularity came overnight. Ever since they released their debut album last year, the pop-alternative-rock band has seen a rapid increase in the size of their fan-base. Far from their home in Manchester, The 1975 gave New York fans a memorable show on Dec. 5 at Terminal 5.

Based on the show’s crowd, The 1975 is a teenage girl magnet, and the fans were rowdy before the doors had even opened. The mass of girls practically trampled Terminal 5’s security to get the closest spot to the stage. Before The 1975 had even began their performance, at least thirty girls had to be pulled out of the general admission area because there was so much pushing and shoving.

The 1975 graced the stage around 9:30 PM. They were welcomed with ear-piercing screams from the predominantly female crowd. Fog and strobe lights were frequently used to give the performance more flare.

The group opened with “The City” an electric song from their debut album which has a pop sound. After that, they swiftly moved from song to song, only occasionally stopping for lead singer, Matty Healy, to utter something in his signature, thick English accent.

Healy had a certain carelessness about him which, oddly enough, was incredibly charming. Throughout the night, he alternated between taking large gulps from a bottle of wine and taking drags from a cigarette.

During “Heart Out” the band’s newest member, John Waugh, completely wowed the crowd with his smooth saxophone solo. One of the most powerful songs was “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?” a stripped down performance which only involved Waugh on the saxophone and Healy on the keyboard. Waugh perfectly fuses with The 1975.

Healy asked everyone to put down their cell phones two specific times during the show. Of course, with a crowd of teenagers, a few people audibly groaned at the request. Before highly emotional song, “Me,” Healy said, “I don’t want to see your phone. I want to see your face.”

He also asked everyone to disregard their phones before their most popular song, “Chocolate.” Healy requested that everyone hold hands with the people next to them and dance. “Chocolate” was one of the best moments of the entire concert. It felt great to watch everyone jump around and sing along while watching Healy swing his mop of curly hair around like he just didn’t care.

They closed with “Sex,” another popular track from the album. Based on the crowd’s reaction when the opening guitar chords echoed through Terminal 5, everyone had anticipated this song. The fans’ voices almost overpowered Healy as they passionately screamed the racy lyrics.

Unlike many artists today, The 1975 have shown that they are authentic. It is clear that they couldn’t care less about the money. The 1975 are putting everything they have into their music and right now, it’s paying off.

Janelle Pitts is a contributing writer. Email her at


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