Pandora’s second ‘Discovery Den Holiday Concert’ takes to the Grand at the Manhattan Center

By Nina Jang

Fans kicked off the holiday season to live performances at Pandora’s second annual Discovery Den Holiday Concert featuring big names the Neighbourhood, Rudimental, and Kiesza at the Grand in the Manhattan Center. Turnout at the completely free Saturday night concert proved its popularity among Pandora users and fans alike.

London-based group Rudimental hyped up the night from the start with tunes from the debut album “Home” as well as popular singles like “Not Giving In” and “Waiting All Night.” Singing and dancing to the medley of beats fused with pop and techno, the group seemed to genuinely enjoy the stage, emulating an energizing vibe like the audience had stumbled upon good friends having a go in a makeshift club with upbeat music.

Canadian pop star Kiesza followed suit, sweeping the audience with an impressive gig proving fans of her trademark compacted dance choreography complemented with two hype backup dancers by her sides. Underneath the flashing lights with a decked-out microphone stand at hand, Kiesza performed songs from her new album “Sounds of a Woman” but of course treated fans to the incredibly catchy song, “Hideaway” released just this past April and the music video shot in Brooklyn that everyone was most anticipating.

The tune that got everyone getting low was “Take U There,” a hybrid song fused with some house, techno, and dubstep as born from a collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex during Kiesza’s visit to Ibiza this past summer.

Closing the show was none other than indie rock band the Neighbourhood, hailing from across the nation in California. With minimal light effects, with mostly the same white hue the entire show, all the focus was on the music, but especially on lead singer Jesse Rutherford as he strutted across the stage.

Adding some flair with yells here and there, the band had the audience swaying and mouthing the lyrics to songs like “Afraid” from its “I Love You” album releases last year. To top off a good performance, the Neighbourhood performed its best-known hit released back in 2012, “Sweater Weather” which seemed quite fitting with the increasingly colder weather as winter is coming.

This year’s Discovery Den Holiday Concert proved to be a success with a solid turnout and entertaining performances by three talented yet completely different groups so that fans were treated to essentially three concerts but in all in one space at the stunning Grand.

Nina Jang is a contributing writer. Email her at


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