Natasha Kmeto focuses on upcoming album, “Crisis,” and her music’s future

By Christian Scibetta

Via DB Festival

Filling the empty venue with captivating voice and radiating synths, Natasha Kmeto is preparing for her last leg of the tour with TV On The Radio. Kmeto creates music that entices, her voice echoes in the soon to be packed club demanding attention and it’s easy to see what first attracted Dave Sitek (guitar / keyboards for TV On the Radio) to her after hearing her on satellite radio in his car. The strength of Kmeto’s voice is impressive, even more impressive considering she is recovering from a respiratory illness; her speaking voice hoarse and quiet. Somehow, despite this, Kmeto never loses her voice on tour, citing a trick her vocal coach taught her: use cayenne pepper to clear one’s throat before a show.

She was naturally concerned, during her previous show on the Nov. 18 at the Apollo Theater. On tour with TV on The Radio, Kmeto has reached a milestone performing at such a historic venue, not letting any cold get in the way. Before her performance at the Music Hall Williamsburg, Kmeto spoke with WSN.

Asking Kmeto about her most recent LP “Crisis,” she admits she has to think back to where her mind was when she wrote that album.  With “The Ache” released in 2012, “Crisis,” in 2013 and her next LP on its way in a few months, Kmeto is constantly thinking about her next move.

She describes “Crisis” as autobiographical. With her proverbial heart on her sleeve, “Crisis” delineates the turmoil of a relationship. Standout singles like “Idiot Proof” feature rhythmic beats that lead into Kmeto’s soulful whisper that bridge to the chorus in which the artist confesses “It’s been a while / I need peace.”

Kmeto says her next album will be more vocal-forward, paying more attention to songwriting with the electronic element of her music still present. Compared to “Crisis” this next LP will be brighter, possibly as an emotional wrap-up of from the somber tones of the previous album.  This is all following her trend of avoiding the more clinical nature of electronic music of sampling to trying to explore herself as a multifaceted artist.

For Kmeto’s setlist, she likes to focus on her songs with the strongest songwriting elements like her newest single “Evitable” which opens with the singers voice heavy with emotion, and minimal synths.

Despite her illness Kmeto put on a tremendous performance, including in her set a Nine Inch Nails cover, which felt right at home with the rest of the artists act.

With Natasha Kmeto’s next album, which she says will hopefully drop early 2015, the sound will be brighter and the vocals will take the main stage. Challenging herself to further hook and entice her listener in sonic beats and vocalist rill, Kmeto is crafting music that exceeds expectations.

Christian Scibetta is a contributing writer. Email him at


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