The Revivalists bring rock ‘n roll to Irving Plaza

By Mary Ann Odete

Via Sarah Selinger for WSN
Via Sarah Selinger for WSN

A seven-piece outfit hailing from New Orleans, LA, the Revivalists are a rock band, to the core. Each one of its members was operating on an other-worldly plane of high energy, when they continued their tour in New York on Nov. 20 at Irving Plaza.

Opening for The Revivalists was Columbus, Ohio’s Red Wanting Blue. Going on their eighteenth year, Red Wanting Blue was on a rivaling plane. The lead singer, Scott Terry, warned the audience, “I tend to lose my composure at these things.” The entire audience seemed to lose their composure. Terry entertained the audience with a high spirit and a bluesy voice. The band even had a bit of country twang mixed in with their blues.

Not too long after, The Revivalists took the stage with lead singer, David Shaw’s, man-bun intact, and started the audience with their song “Criminal.” About two songs in, Shaw let his man bun down and it was more than clear that everyone was in for an old-fashioned rock concert.

However, their sound was far from dated or unoriginal. While the ambience was reminiscent of old-fashion rock, the music was fresh and fun. Included in the set was “All in the Family,” “When I’m Able,” and “Fireflies.” It was nearly impossible to hear Shaw’s voice during most of the songs, as the energy coming from the band was quite powerful, but the rock mentality of the entire concert hall quickly diminished any problems with such.

To top it off, everyone in the band was entertaining to watch, as well. The keyboardist/trumpet player, Michael Giradot’s, hair was flailing as he swung back and forth with his keyboard. Rob Ingram, saxophonist, got very jazzy, Andrew Campanelli, drummer, was vibrating as much as the bass, and it seemed like Ed Williams, pedal steel guitarist, would fall off the stage every time he swung forward with his instrument.

The band ended the official set with “When I’m Able,” but the audience demanded an encore and the band gave them three more songs. For the first time, they sang, “Man Against Mountains” and then they did a cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly.”

To round out the night, they did a cover of Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Forget About Dre,” with Ingram rapping along with Shaw.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at


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