Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse bring intensity to Best Buy Theater

By Bryan Kachakji

Via Bryan Kachakji for WSN
Via Bryan Kachakji for WSN

On Nov. 23, Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse took to the stage of Best Buy Theater. Opening bands Set it Off and Drama Club rallied the crowd and pumped them up for the show by mixing rock ‘n roll with a bit of techno. The crowd, mostly dressed in all black with BVB and Falling in Reverse t-shirts and Chelsea Grins drawn on their faces, put up the lights on their phones to wave to the opening music, before the pits opened up.

As Falling in Reverse took the stage, the crowd went wild to the opening song “Sink or Swim.” Mosh pits immediately opened up in the middle of the floor, and audience members turned to each other, each one eager to start crowd-surfing to get closer to the front and closer to the band. The band encouraged the crowd’s expression, but the lead vocalist, Ronnie Radke, made sure to remind the crowd to help out any person who fell to the ground while crowd-surfing. The setlist ranged from newer songs such as “Fashionably Late” to covers of songs from Radke’s previous band—Escape the Fate—such as the well known “Situations.”

Black Veil Brides opening song, “Heart of Fire,” set the crowd alive with excitement. As each band member came out onto the stage, dressed in all black, ripped jeans, and tank tops, the crowd screamed up until they sang along to the lyrics of the music. The lighting set the tone of each song, starting with a fiery red and orange, change to all shades of blue, before turning into a black and white scheme that only intensified the music. Security guards struggled to keep the audience from crowd-surfing to protect them, but the crowd jumped, shoved, moshed, and danced to the music with as much passion as the band.

Andy Biersack, the lead vocalist, seemed to be able to control the audience with a quick wave of his hand. The crowd would react immediately, jumping when he motioned, waving their arms to mimic his, utterly entranced by the band. Black Veil Brides announced that they were playing a new song for the concert, “Last Rites,” and the crowd cheered immediately, grateful to experience the newer music. Christian Coma, also known as CC, performed a drum solo that reverberated throughout the walls of the venue, to which the audience danced along and applauded emphatically.

A band originally from Ohio, Black Veil Brides have made a name for themselves in the post-hardcore genre since the mid 2000s. The sold-out show on Nov. 23 showcased their talent and the support of their fan base. It was an amazing show to watch and to be part of, as the crowd reacted both to the lyrical and screamo aspects of each song.

Bryan Kachakji is a contributing writer. Email him at


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