Time Warp comes to the U.S. for the first time

By E.R. Pulgar


Time Warp, one of the biggest underground music festivals in the world, has been held mostly outside of the United States for the past twenty years, usually in Germany. This year the festival came to Argentina and, for the first time, will be coming to Brooklyn. This marks the first installment of Time Warp in the United States, a development that is far from being underscored.

The set list, in honor of the festival’s twentieth anniversary, has held nothing back. Enlisting the likes of established underground artists such as Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, The Martinez Brothers and tINI, the festival shows itself to be a formidable celebration of Europe’s famous underground scene, and the perfect introduction for American fans that wants to dig further than mainstream electronic dance music. In addition to the aforementioned veterans, Time Warp will also feature newer deep house acts such as Lauren Ritter and Orazio Rispo. Whether you have been a long-time fan of the scene or are just starting to get into deep house, this festival has artists that span every taste.

Typically held in an immense, arena-like dome, the U.S. crew working on the festival is recreating the venue in the form of “The Cave.” This cavernous, enormous nightclub will house a floor that is just as large. Full of walls and pillars that are apt for the prominent bass deep house is known for, and allow the pounding drone to echo across the large space.

Time Warp coming to Brooklyn is more than just a momentous occasion in the history of deep house.  The public in the United States is at last receptive enough to this kind of music to be able to experience it on the scale that club goers from across the pond in Ibiza, Berlin, and Mannheim have for decades.

Time Warp will be held over two days from Nov. 28 to 29 at the 39th Street Pier on 81 39th Street in Brooklyn.

E.R. Pulgar is a staff writer. Email him at music@nyunews.com



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