Binge TV: “Sherlock”

By Mary Ann Odete

via Flavorwire
via Flavorwire

2010-present. Three seasons, renewed for a fourth.

Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this adaptation by the BBC places the consulting detective in contemporary London. Each season is comprised of three hour-and-a-half episodes. Each season is broadcast far apart: the first season ran  between July 25, 2010 and August 3, 2010, while the second season didn’t start until January 1, 2012. Many non-Sherlockians make fun of fans for liking a show that keeps them waiting for so long. While there is a long wait, it is so worth it.

Sherlock Holmes is a genius with no social skills. While he’s an invaluable source of information for the police, he doesn’t have any friends. This is a problem at the beginning of season one, as he is in serious need of a roommate. Through chance, he meets John Waston who becomes his flatmate. Sherlock also manages to involve him in his soon-to-be expanding detective agency.


Sherlock Holmes: The only consulting detective and a pain in the rear end. Before meeting Watson, Sherlock is every bit the loner. With Watson’s guidance, he is able to appreciate some of the things outside of himself – although Sherlock still is perplexed by simple human customs.

Dr. John Watson: A former army doctor, Watson moves in with Sherlock after getting honorably discharged. He is reluctant to join in Sherlock’s escapades, but they later become one of TV’s greatest odd couples.

Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade: One of Sherlock’s few friends; Lestrade is Sherlock’s connection in the police department. Lestrade, like Watson, tries to keep Sherlock grounded (albeit not as intensely as Watson). He keeps the peace between Sherlock and the other officers when Sherlock inevitably insults them all. He has complete faith in Sherlock, which is proven various times throughout the series.

Jim Moriarity: Sherlock’s arch enemy. He’s the one everyone loves and hates at the same time.

Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock’s older brother with whom he has a contentious relationship. Mycroft is arguably more intelligent than Sherlock. He works for the government and often finds himself cleaning up his brother’s messes.

Molly Hooper: A pathologist who has a huge crush on Sherlock. He constantly exploits her in order to gain access to the lab she works in.

Mrs. Martha Hudson: Sherlock’s landlady. She is more than what meets the eye. As the series goes on, Mrs. Hudson has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Sherlock is one of the greatest shows on TV right now. Not only does it have mystery, it also functions partially as a comedy. The characters manage to worm their ways into your heart and the cast is so aptly picked. The pandemonium following the show is not without reason.

Sherlock has grown so much in the past few years. The dynamic duo that is Holmes and Watson are so perfectly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It’s funny, suspenseful and engaging. Everything a TV show should be and much more.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at



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