Circa Survive brings aggressive set to Best Buy Theater

By Adam Kargenian

Via Adam Kargenian for WSN
Via Adam Kargenian for WSN

When asked about Circa Survive’s new record “Descensus,” out Nov. 24, vocalist Anthony Green told Alternative Press, “It’s the most aggressive record we’ve ever made.” Although we have yet to hear the majority of the new material, it seems the band has taken that aggression on tour with them.

Following two eclectic sets by opening acts Tera Melos and Title Fight, Circa Survive came out to a full house at the Best Buy Theater on Nov. 11.

Almost immediately, Anthony Green took control of the stage, gesturing the crowd into a to-and-fro banter, before slamming into the set’s opening number of “Through the Desert Alone.” As if feeding off the crowd’s frenzy—which was not moshing yet still was effectively rushing the stage, a true feat in itself—Green went into a frenzy of his own, tossing the entire microphone stand ten feet into the air before extending the entire stand across the photo pit towards the crowd.

This all happened before 90 seconds had passed.

The rest of the evening continued in this manic manner. Circa pulled music from all of their material, following “Through the Desert Alone” with another track off of “Blue Sky Noise, “Strange Terrain,” before breaking into a set of songs off of their latest record, “Violent Waves.”

Their first album, “Juturna, was justly represented in the powerful rendition of “Stop the F*cking Car,” and “On Letting Go’s” “Kicking Your Crosses Down” put the crowd into a surge of energy — as if they weren’t exulting enough passion already.

Anthony was not the only one feeding off of this fantastic crowd. Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto constantly kept the riffs coming, and Steve Clifford handled the percussion that kept everything align with a feverous yet pinpoint pace.
Yet with all this energy—which no one in the room was complaining about—the highlight of the night occurred when Circa slowed themselves down for “Frozen Creek.” Green’s soaring vocals shined greatest over the smooth and mild mannered melody that was laid before him, creating a dynamic tension that both calmed yet hyped everyone present. The crowd offered their approval in the most stereotypical of concert ways; “You guys saved all your doobies for that one,” Green commented after the song.

Near the end of their set, Circa played their newest song off of “Descensus,” “Only the Sun,” to which, surprisingly, the fans sang mostly along to.

“That track is some two days old and you guys are singing along. You sound great. You sound like fucking hardcore Justin Timberlake.”

If “hardcore Justin Timberlake” translates to fever pitched frenetic fun, then the same could be said of Circa’s performance.

Adam Kargenian is a contributing writer. Email him at


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