WSN Arts Podcast, Episode #15: Celebrity Memoirs

By WSN Arts Staff

Inspired by the latest Lena Dunham controversy, our editors discuss the popularity of celebrity memoirs (and Ms. Dunham herself).  We also cry over the fact that Snooki is technically a best-selling author.

Staff Picks: we still can’t shut up about Taylor Swift. For any confused listeners, we differentiate between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks because they are actually two different people. (Spoiler Alert: we didn’t choose “Interstellar” and we’ll tell you why.)

What’s your favorite celebrity memoir? Who has the most ridiculous title? (Can anything really top “First Step 2 Forever” by Justin Bieber?) Tell us in the comments!

Alex Greenberger, Arts Editor
Ife Olujobi, Entertainment Editor
Alexa Spieler, Music Editor
Marissa Elliot Little, Highlighter Editor


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