Aaron Carter brings “Aaron’s Party” to Gramercy Theater

By Mary Ann Odete

Via Sarah A Selinger for WSN

Aaron’s Party took place on Nov. 7 at Gramercy Theatre, as Aaron Carter performed at the venue. As Carter said he is “too damn old to get grounded.”

Before Carter came on, there were two opening acts: Hobart Ocean and Pat Solo.

First, Hobart Ocean gave the audience a performance that was reminiscent of the pop-rock bands that peppered the early to 2000s. While their sound may not be the most revolutionary, their performance was high-energy.

Next Pat Solo, who’s responsible for the second voice on Aaron Carter’s new single “Ooh Wee,” came on stage, and gave a solid rap performance. He sang his single “Can You Hear Me Now,” which he dedicated to a friend of his who died in a shooting, as well as a very well-done remix of Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out.”

While Hobart Ocean ended their tour with Aaron Carter that night, Solo will continue to tour on Carter’s Wonderful World Tour. Finally, the man of the night stepped out, on stage. The previous acts made sure that the audience was aware that it was Aaron’s Party.

Carter plans on releasing an album within the next year and, consequently, he sang a lot of songs that he plans on putting on the album. While there were some rough edges, Carter’s new material isn’t too shabby. One of the new songs, “Recovery,” which is about both his sister’s, Leslie, OD as well his own recovery from addiction, was a highlight. It still may take some extra work to distance himself from the younger Aaron Carter, but he is on his way.

However, there could’ve been significantly more throwbacks in his set. Carter told the audience how he wanted candy (“I Want Candy”) as well as the fact that it was his party (“Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”), but a particular number about how a thirteen-year-old boy magically beat one of the best professional basketball players, was missing from the set. The concert was a nice surprise, being better than expected, but there was an expectation that Carter would relay the joyful tale of “How He Beat Shaq.” The concert would’ve been just the right amount of throwback if Carter had told the tale.

For those who have forgotten, long story short, it went boom, then slam and then jam.



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