The Pretty Reckless proves that rock and roll isn’t dead at Best Buy Theater

By Ysabella Monton

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On Nov. 8, the rock concert featuring the Pretty Reckless took to the Best Buy Theater.

From the middle-aged bald man wearing a faded Mötley Crüe t-shirt to the woman in sky-high heels with a black Prada, the crowd for the night was diverse. Despite the variety in the crowd, everyone was easily united through a love for rock and roll.

The first band, Crash Midnight, set a great tone for the night by bringing rock and roll back to its roots, thrusting the audience back into the 70s and 80s, making some audience members nostalgic for a time when they weren’t even alive.

Their obvious chemistry highlighted their performance; it’s always great to see a band truly perform their music and have the time of their life doing so. Their interactions had the audience feeling like they were sitting in on a group of friends simply jamming out in their garage.

The biggest standouts of the set include the killer cover of an old favorite, the Guns N’ Roses classic “Mr. Brownstone,” and their original, “Diamond Boulevard.”

Admittedly, some didn’t have as much fun during the performance of hard rock band Adelitas Way, but there’s no arguing that they were a crowd favorite, as everyone around was singing along. Initially, lead singer Rick DeJesus was a bit awkward, but as the performance went on, he engaged with the crowd by enforcing his no-crowd-surfer-dropped rule and even shared a cup of Patron with a fan, up front.He encouraged everyone to go crazy, shouting, “This is not a Bastille show — this is rock and roll.”

After a slight delay, The Pretty Reckless took the stage. Lead singer Taylor Momsen, perhaps best known for her role as Jenny Humphrey on “Gossip Girl,” was clearly in her element. The love child of Debbie Harry and Kurt Cobain, the young front woman commanded the band’s performance with a bold presence that could give Joan Jett a run for her money. Momsen oozed confidence, seductiveness, and haunting grace as she carried herself across the stage.

For old fans, it was awesome seeing how it seemed like not a single person wasn’t singing along to the band’s first release, “Make Me Wanna Die,” as well as “Heaven Knows” off their latest album, which she said was written so that the audience could sing along with Momsen’s dynamic, raspy vocals. Though the band’s interactions with the audience were limited compared to the openers, they engaged the audience just as easily with the music.

The Pretty Reckless is everything a post-grunge band should aim be. If you ever start to feel like rock and roll might be dead, just check out one of their shows, and you won’t be disappointed

Ysabella Monton is a contributing writer. Email her at


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