Mac DeMarco brings personal goofiness to live performance at Terminal 5

By Christian Scibetta

Via Under the Radar Magazine

Brooklynite Mac DeMarco has risen to major heights in the indie seen as a resident slacker with his playfully flippant lyrics and 20-something-year-old antics. With his smoker anthem, “Ode to Viceroy,” DeMarco’s wavering vocals profess his affinity for the cigarette label, while his sleepy and unhinged guitar playing capture the nicotine rush perfectly.

DeMarco’s appropriately named second album “2” was exalted by critics for his catchy riffs that bounce and sway with the vocalist’s carefree attitude such as when he tells his mom not to worry about his joblessness in “Freaking Out The Neighborhood.”

With DeMarco’s newest LP “Salad Days,” the lyrics and tonality of the artist’s music marked an obvious shift towards introspection and maturity. DeMarco’s silliness is still intact, as the title of the album suggests, but maturing lyrically as his fan base grows. DeMarco’s goofiness was gracefully transposed onto his live performance on Nov. 5,  much to the delight of the audience.

Preparing his set, DeMarco and crew arranged several campy skeleton’s on stage for the Halloween season, including an Egyptian sarcophagus which DeMarco very obviously stepped into before the beginning of the performance.

With the stage arranged and lights dimmed, the guitar theme from “Top Gun” played, a comically dramatic choice, as DeMarco theatrically awaited and ultimately burst from the sarcophagus. The group played crowd favorites like the opener to his newest album “Salad Days” and the keyboard driven, meditative “Chamber of Reflection.”

Between sets, DeMarco’s bassist Pierce McGarry entertained by telling jokes the likes of dads everywhere, and DeMarco tickled alternative sentiments of the audience by doing spoof covers of songs like Coldplay’s “Yellow.”

The antics of the performance met a fever pitch when DeMarco removed his hat and shoes and dove into the audience. The performer surfed all the way to the back of the venue, where he then directed the mob to move him to one of the columns of Terminal 5’s structure and he began to climb the side of the venue. Climbing to the second balcony DeMarco, without warning, dropped.

In a remarkable feat, he was caught by the audience and then returned all the way from the back to the stage, where he finished the song.

Mac DeMarco brought his playful lyrics to life, putting on a very entertaining show. DeMarco’s infectious enjoyment in performing is just what the fans wanted to see making for a tremendous evening.

Christian Scibetta is a contributing writer. Email him at


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