Bad Judge, Season 1, Episode 6: “What is Best in Life?”

By Anubhuti Kumar

via NBC
via NBC

An interesting departure from the usual clichés, Episode 6 of Bad Judge balanced laughs and story well as it gave us more insight on Rebecca’s history and the depth of her character. Maybe this could lead to a turn in the quality of the show that will have the network reconsider their decision to cancel the freshman comedy.

In this installment, one of Rebecca’s old rivals from law school shows up to represent a client in her courtroom. Amongst exchanged jabs about Rebecca’s partying, laid back ways and her rival Dana’s difficulty in passing the bar exam. In these exchanges Dana suggests that the only reason Rebecca is a judge is because of appointer former Governor Schwarzenegger’s bias towards beautiful women. This triggers Rebecca to think about her life and doubt her accomplishments.

The source of comedy in this episode is the ridiculous court case Rebecca is presiding over. A woman is suing a young man for $3 million for mooning her, which she claims caused her irreparable emotional trauma and some bodily injuries. This situation is funny in a ridiculous kind of way because of the dramatic reaction to a relative harmless prank and the woman’s honestly traumatized demeanor.

Tedward antics in this episode also serve to bring laughs. His determination to find a friend to accompany him to a “Conan the Barbarian” convention leads to many awkward interactions and ridiculous attempts at avoidance by his peers.

This episode evoked hearty laughs and interesting peek in Rebecca’s life. By portraying her as more than a caricature, the audience was let into her past and insecurities, which made her more interesting and understandable. This added depth to the show while also ramping up the comedy.

The pitfall of this show so far is its inconsistency. For a weekly TV show it is impossible for audiences to be hook on and invested in the sitcom unless it shows a reasonable amount of consistency in its delivery of entertainment. If it can manage this for its remaining episodes, maybe it can gain enough of a fan following to change its fate from impending cancellation after 7 more episodes.

Whatever the fate of this fledgling sitcom, episode 6 had laughs and story. This latest episode is definitely worth a watch.

Anubhuti Kumar is a contributing writer.  Email her at


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