Lights earns ‘rocker mom’ status with Irving Plaza performance

By Mary Ann Odete

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Lights gave a powerful performance at Irving Plaza on Oct. 29. Her voice was en pointe, she engaged with the audience on a more personal level, often responding to audience members who would shout things at her. Even though the Irving Plaza stage might’ve been fairly small, Lights it over and made her performance one worthy of the biggest stages.

Rush Midnight started off the night with a half-hour set. While the lighting was not in direct correlation to Rush Midnight’s performance, it still deserves to be commented on. Opening acts tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to stage magic and Rush Midnight was no exception. A very dim red light was all they had and it gave a certain feel to the performance, which did not work in their favor. Technically, speaking nothing was bad about their set: they had a good sound, but it was not very exciting. Either distinguishing their sound from other musicians like them or adding an aspect to their shows to make then more exciting would greatly improve the overall likability of the band.

Even before Lights came on stage, the audience was in a frenzy: it was electric. From start to finish, the show was filled with high energy and fun.

Lights was light-hearted and fun, she introduced the members of her band — they joked together on stage — and she shared her experiences over the past year with the audience. She sang songs from both her new album “Little Machines” and a good amount of her older material.

Even though her set was over, Lights gave a two song encore that just goes to show she responds well to the audience. The show was truly an explosion of Lights. In particular, the lighting was all different colors and very well done. It lined up nicely with the feel that Lights seemed to be going for and made the show that much more enjoyable.

As a new mother, Lights is the definition of a rocker mom.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at


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