iTunes Single of the Week: “Let It Go” – Saint Saviour

By Audrey Deng

Feel sad about birthdays? Looking through photo albums? Feel like wallowing?

Saint Savior’s “Let It Go” is the perfect song.

Unlike iTunes’ more recent free songs, this is an ethereal song with simple instrumentals and a haunting melody which leaves plenty of room for one to focus on other thoughts rather than the song itself. The balance between the supporting instrumentals and Saint Saviour’s light and airy voice complement one another very nicely, but one could find the blend of piano and violins overwhelming.

“Let It Go” is a far more melancholy song than its identically-named counterpart from “Frozen.” However, it’s just as good, in its own, non-Disney way. It adds on instrumentals in a very logical way, adding more and more sounds as the song continues and stripping back noise at critical parts of the song, showing restraint. This is largely different from the method of throwing every impressive sound together.

This technique is probably influenced by Saint Saviour’s experience in electronic music, in which layering sounds is an essential practice. With the classical style of the Manchester Camerata Orchestra and Saint Saviour’s crafting as an electric musician, she uses her knowledge to her power: the juxtaposition between the style and the execution of the style creates a cerebral effect.

Saint Saviour is an English musician whose second solo album, “In The Seams,” was released on November 4. She produced it with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra, whom she will take with her on her December UK tour. Her voice is comparable to the styles of Kate Bush, Phantogram, and Zee Avi.

Audrey Deng is a staff writer. Email her at


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