“Big Hero 6” provides entertainment for young and old alike

By Anubhuti Kumar
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“Big hero 6,” Disney’s latest animated film, is an action-packed adventure. Filled with tragic beginnings, loyal best friends, simple but witty humor and a heroic and determined young lead, “Big Hero 6” perfectly fits the equation for a successful superhero epic and Disney movie. Packing that double punch, “Big Hero 6” is a more than enjoyable hour-and-a-half spent for children and adults alike.

The film follows a group of six super genius kids who use their intelligence to design technology to enhance their abilities and fight the evil villain who is gaining power by the second. They are led by the youngest in the pack, whose name is Hero. Hero becomes friends with a robot his brother made, his lasting legacy. The robot’s purpose is to act as a personal healthcare assistant and is activated by the word “ow!” The robot, Baymax and Hero become fast friends as Hero beefs him up to help fight the evil villain who killed his brother and saves the world with his other friends along the way.

The relationship between Baymax and Hero is the source of major moments of humor and sincerity throughout the film. A running joke through the movie was Hero teaching Baymax how to fist bump, and Baymax adding sound effects to the gesture. As the movie progresses, the puffy and lovable Baymax, designed specifically to be a non-threatening robot to explain his friendly and huggable nature, teaches Hero a thing or two about humanity.

This story about love, loyalty and betrayal was perfectly highlighted by the soundtrack. The music served its purpose well in making the audience not only sympathize with the what the characters were going through, but also making the audience feel those emotions along with the characters. The end of the movie and the song that played with the end credits let the audience leave the theater euphorically pumped up and with a restored sense of faith in humanity. The end brings twists and turns to the plot that may be anticipated by adults, but will leave the target audience, children, utterly stunned.

“Big Hero 6” is reminiscent of a young set of Avengers, a fact that could easily be credited to it being loosely inspired by a Marvel comic book series of the same name. This movie presents the origin story of these superheroes and their strong ties. It would be especially appealing to fans of “Iron Man” as these six heroes’ powers are only possible through the technology the innovation and creativity of which their minds are capable. The audience is also left with the same pumped up, excited, anything-is-possible feeling that can be attributed to any good superhero epic.

This movie is a must-see for adults and children alike. The witty humor and heartfelt story work hand-in-hand to create a thoroughly entertaining experience. No audience will leave disappointed.

Anubhuti Kumar is a contributing writer. Email her at film@nyunews.com.


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