Vance Joy gives intimate night for Webster Hall performance

By Mary Ann Odete

Via Sarah Selinger for WSN
Via Sarah Selinger for WSN

On Oct. 28, Vance Joy revealed to fans that he can now spell his name in sign language, at his sold-out show at Webster Hall.

Opening for Vance Joy, Jaymes Young brought a very dynamic set. Ranging from a more rock sound to the ska that brings back memories of No Doubt, Young explores it all. It is as though Young can place his voice into whatever music genre he’d like to, as he was even exploring light dubstep, at a point, definitely making Young one to look out for.

The Australian singer-songwriter, Joy, emerged with his hit “Riptide” not too long ago. The question that remained was: would he be as amazing in-person? Joy did not disappoint. His voice was full of emotion, and simply by looking at him, it was easy to tell he was connecting with his music — this connection spread to the audience.

Between songs, Joy engaged with the audience, regaling its members with tales of his experiences in New York, as well as his journey from Australia to where he currently is. He kept it light, fun and very enjoyable. With the ever-growing popular singer-songwriter genre, it can sometimes be hard to excite the audience, as the music tends to be on the calmer side.

However, Joy has no problem keeping everyone interested. During the night, Joy performed most of his album, including the songs “From Afar,” “Mess is Mine,” and “Riptide.” During “Riptide,” the audience sang an entire verse sans Joy. By the end of night, Joy proved his ability.

The only criticism does not truly apply to Vance Joy, but there was an excessive amount of green light, therefore, it felt as though, at any moment, Dane DeHaan — the current Green Goblin — would jump out from behind one of the speakers and start manically laughing. It was a slight letdown when he didn’t. The lighting for the show was, in actuality, very cool. There were candle shaped light bulbs in half spheres that gave a sort of intimate feel to Joy’s entire set.

It was like an intimate evening with Vance Joy.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at


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