Theophilus London talks new album, “Vibes,” and shift in sound

By Mary Ann Odete


Theophilus London explores a new style with his second studio album “Vibes,” and before the album’s release on Nov. 4, London spoke with WSN over the phone.

London called “Vibes” an “experiment of who I am… an experiment of my growth.”  Two years in the making “Vibes” comes three years after London’s debut album “Timez Are Weird These Days.”

“Vibes” is a bit of a turn in direction from London’s previous sound. London said that “’Vibes is not ‘copy and paste music,’ but the way people look at change.” London worked closely with Kanye West, executive producer of the album, who does a guest appearance on the album, which is a very rare occurrence. On his relationship with West, London said “He challenges me like the ‘very crazy mentor’ who pushes the student to their limit because they know they have potential.”

For fans of London’s previous work, “Vibes” is a quite substantial shift in sound, but that is not cause for alarm. With time comes change, and London is exploring this change and this growth. What brought about this exploration was London said to himself, “Let me try this.” That he is constantly changing and the change in sound is just a reflection of this change.

As way of inspiration, London mentioned West’s “Yeezus,” but he does not have a singular of even a distinct group of work he can point to and identify as his inspiration. Instead he said, “’Vibes’ is inspired by the past, the more ‘retro’ you get, the more futuristic’ you get as well. There is a ‘classic future’ in the past.”

London has a grand vision for “Vibes.” He wants to take it all over the world and do a sort of “Brought to you by ‘Vibes’” series. He wants to travel to the less stereotypical concert tour spots and simply go where he wants to go and do what he wants to do.

It’s not possible to see what the future holds for the new album, but it looks like London has a plan that he whole-heartedly wants to come to fruition.

Mary Ann Odete is a contributing writer. Email her at


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