Skism finishes U.S. Tour with energetic NYC performance

By Daniel Moritz-Rabson

Via Daniel Moritz-Rabson for WSN
Via Daniel Moritz-Rabson for WSN

Hidden underneath the various rooms at Webster Hall lies a small basement. While hosting a variety of shows throughout the week, every Saturday night, this room attracts devoted fans of heavy EDM for Webster’s “BASSMENT SATURDAYS” events.

On Saturday, Nov. 1, Skism, an artist known among electronic enthusiasts for his heavy-hitting and high-energy production style, finished off his U.S. tour at Webster’s weekly event.

Since helping establish Never Say Die Records, which currently holds a lofty position as one of the most creative and productive electronic labels, Skism has energized the scene with his dynamic mixing. Despite frequently touring at larger venues, Skism held back nothing during his performance at Webster.

Although the space at Webster — holding only 400 people — did not accommodate the space-consuming lights, which usually accompany him on tour, Skism utilized the stage space to bring out the four-turntable setup that helps characterize his performances.

With two tables flanking each side of his mixer, Skism demonstrated the extent of his mixing capabilities. Known for his technical competence, he bounced between turntables throughout his set, constantly melding songs together in unexpected ways while keeping the crowd dancing with his energetic stage presence.

Continually moving behind his trademark setup, Skism stood illuminated by roving lights that flashed over the audience and pulsed in time to the music. Working closely with a light technician, who sat in a booth at the back of the room, to create a stimulating experience in the absence of the light setup that normally accompanies his music, Skism frequently disappeared into darkness, momentarily before a drop, only to appear suddenly in a flash of color.

White strobes throbbed over the stage, creating a trance-like and dreamy atmosphere, shining out onto the crowd before quickly flowing into colorful and focused rays that roved around the room.

Following Subset’s opening performance, Skism unleashed a torrent of bass, laying down both well-known and more underground tracks. Playing some fan-favorites of his own productions, such as “Experts” and “Like This,” Skism transitioned flawlessly throughout his set into a few of the most popular songs recently released on the Never Say Die label.

Although excited and clearly enjoying themselves throughout the whole performance, the audience members seemed to react with a particularly elevated level of enthusiasm when he dropped Trampa’s “Get Wicked.” Other notable tracks included Eptic’s “Dimension 7,” which the label released on Oct. 27 after much anticipation, and the infamous song “Tell Me” by RL Grime and What So Not.

After beginning his performance with heavy dubstep and shaking drops, Skism finished off his set with drum and bass, providing a smooth transition into the set of Dieselboy, who unexpectedly showed up as guest performer.

Daniel Moritz-Rabson is a contributing writer. Email him at


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