WSN Arts Podcast, Episode #14: Oscar Season

By WSN Arts Staff

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Oscar season!

We survived the awful movies of January, a summer of sequels, and Michael Bay. Now, we can revel in the good movies vying for Oscar nominations the next two months.

The Arts editors discuss what upcoming films we’re excited for and which films we hope won’t be forgotten in the flurry of releases. We have some films we’re not-so-excited for and some films that have already disappointed us. We talk about Neil Patrick Harris hosting, Oscar-bait, and try to pick a stance on Reese Witherspoon (speaking of blondes who have dated Jake Gyllenhaal, we’re #TeamTSwift).

What are you excited for? What are your favorites so far? Let us know!

(Also, how do you pronounce “biopic?” Bio-pic? Bi-opic? Seriously.)

Alex Greenberger, Arts Editor
Isabel Jones, Film Editor
Alexa Spieler, Music Editor
Marissa Elliot Little, Highlighter Editor


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