Gracepoint, Season 1: “Episode 5”

By Jena Keahon

via A.V. Club
via A.V. Club

In this episode, suspicion grows around fisherman Jack Reinhold and we continue to learn more about our mysterious Detective Carver.

The journalists Renee and Owen reveal to Ellie and Carver that they did some digging on Jack Reinhold and found out that he was convicted of sex with a minor, which is especially alarming because of the work he does with kids in his wildlife club. This lead results in one of the highlights of the series thus far – the detectives’ interrogation with Jack. He refuses to reveal any information, deeming it irrelevant, and also goes so far as to tell Carver, “I pity you, seeing depravity in perfectly normal behavior.” Nick Nolte steals the scene, along with pretty much the entire episode. It was as if he was shaming not only the detectives, but the viewers as well for our overarching suspicions.

Susan, the woman from the trailer park, continues to be terrifying. Her application for a cleaning job at the inn leads to the revelation that she has been using a fake name, which the local newspaper editor Kathy questions her about. Later during the night, Susan somehow manages to break into the office and threaten Kathy, telling her, “I know men who would rape you.” This is horrific on many levels, and makes us wonder about the severity of what she’s hiding.

Against the wishes of the detectives, the family meets with Renee about doing a story on Danny. They are initially hesitant, but agree when Renee tells them that she’ll show them the article before it goes to print in return for a picture of Danny and Beth. Beth agrees, even though Mark is still reluctant.

While Renee is working on her profile about Beth and Danny, she convinces Owen, who is already emotion because of problems with his mother’s drug addiction, to interview Reinhold. Reinhold physically and verbally attacks Owen, and Vince (Mark’s employee) witnesses the whole thing and later tells Mark about what he overheard. Rumors are beginning to spread around the already anxious small town where everyone supposedly knows each other, and it’s bound to cause some problems for Reinhold.

Amidst all the drama and tension, we get a somewhat lighter scene between our detectives. During the awkward yet funny dinner with Carver at the Miller’s house, we see more of the internal workings of Carver, especially his vulnerability and desire to be liked by Ellie. During the dinner conversation, he reveals that he used to be married and has a 17 year old daughter who lives with her mother. And when he later passes out from his mystery illness, he pleads with Gemma not to tell anyone for fear of being taken off the case. As the series progresses, Tennant’s performance is getting more nuanced as we watch Carver try to hide his attachment to Gracepoint, despite his insistence that he hates the town.

During lunch with the Solanos and Millers after mass, Reinhold bursts into the house, saying he found Danny’s phone in a kayak. He gets all worked up, insisting to Mark that no matter what they say, he didn’t kill Danny. Amidst all of this, Mark catches a photographer taking a photo of the scene unraveling inside the house. Mark goes out and physically attacks them, smashing the guy’s camera as the others take pictures.

At the end of the episode, Ellie informs Carver that there was a death on a beach in Oregon 15 years ago very similar to this case, a mere five miles from where Reinhold used to live. We then see Reinhold burning pictures of him and Danny. Is he burning them out of guilt, to get rid of evidence, or neither? Either way, it will be interesting to watch Reinhold’s story unfold in the next episode.

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