iTunes Single of the Week: “Hypnotic” – Zella Day

By Audrey Deng

via the 405
via the 405

Opening with a harmonic sequence reminiscent of Bollywood, “Hypnotic” follows the alternative musical siege into electronica. In the ethereal style of Broods and the thin vocal frequency of Zee Avi, Zella Day fashions her song into an exotic-sounding blend of Eastern melodies with Western beats and lyrics. Her song is the perfect embodiment of the bohemian hipster girl: she sings about vintage t-shirts, hometowns, and trains – all while focusing on how the male-induced hypnosis so strong that she is “talking in her sleep.” It’s an airy song, but has substance in its dynamic contrasts.

Zella Day is an up and coming artist whose new self-titled album, “Zella Day,” is available for purchase on iTunes. Check out the songs “1965” and “Sweet Ophelia.”

Audrey Deng is a staff writer. Email her at


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