Gracepoint, Season 1: “Episode Three”

By Jena Keahon

via A.V. Club
via A.V. Club

On this episode of “Gracepoint,” we learn why Mark was lying about his whereabouts on the night of Danny’s murder. When Carver and Ellie bring Mark in for questioning, he gives them an obviously made up story about him forgetting that he was with his colleague Vince. Unable to prove his alibi, they arrest him until the inn-keeper, Gemma, shows up and tells Carver and Ellie the truth about where Mark was that night – the two of them were together having sex. This also means that Gemma slept with a married man and sent his teenager on a quest to bring her cocaine. And while this doesn’t make her the most likable person in the world, it’s unlikely that she’s still a suspect.

And now, not only is poor Beth dealing with the loss of her son and an unplanned pregnancy, but she also finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Earlier in the episode, she reaches out to Raymond, the psychic, who claims to have a message from Danny. He tells that Danny wants her to know two things: he isn’t in any pain, and that for her sake, he doesn’t want to her to continue to look for who killed him because its someone he was close to. There are a few ways we can take this information:

1. If we’re to believe that Raymond really has psychic abilities (I know, but stay with me), then we should be suspicious of everyone Beth is close to. We should be especially suspicious of someone in the Solano family, someone in Ellie’s family (since their sons were best friends), and possibly the fisherman.

2. If Raymond is lying or just insane, he could be the murder trying to cover himself.

3. If he isn’t insane or a murder, he likely has a close enough connection with the murderer to want to cover for him or her. So, if we see more of Raymond in future episodes, we should be conscious of if he’s personally involved with anyone.

Our two detectives Carver and Ellie still hate each other, with Ellie annoyed at Carver’s insensitivity and Carver annoyed at Ellie’s optimism. Carver is especially frustrated about the lack of progress they’ve made in the case, informing a visiting friend that he hates the entire town. When asked why Carver is staying if he hates the town so much, Carver replies, “Penance.” We learn later from the journalist, Renee, that he may have been responsible for letting a child murderer go free in another town. We also learn that Carver’s mystery illness is worsening, and he is urged to take a leave of absence or the stress will kill him. In episodes to come, we will hopefully learn more details about Carver’s illness and what exactly he’s paying for.

At the very end of the episode, Carver is told by someone working forensics that they found a piece of paper with a phone number in the lining of Danny’s pocket. Carver races back to his office to put the number into a reverse phone lookup, and the episode ends before we can see whose number it was. Hopefully, when we find out to whom the number belongs in the next episode, it won’t lead to another dead end.

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