Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory discusses “Resurrection,” fan support, and the state of the music industry

By Alexa Spieler


Before New Found Glory’s headlining performance at Best Buy Theater on Oct. 19, drummer, Cyrus Bolooki, spoke with WSN to discuss the Tri-State area’s prominent support of the band, New Found Glory’s new album, “Resurrection,” and the current state of the music industry.

No stranger to the Tri-State area, the Florida-natives initially found acceptance in the likes of New Jersey and New York. As Bolooki noted, “Anytime we play here, we know it’s going to be amazing: it doesn’t matter where or when or how many kids.”

The tour’s taken them throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, and before their Manhattan-bound performance, Long Island. At an earlier meet and greet, the band met a fan who had traveled to their Boston and Philly performances, only to end up at the New York one, as well.

When reminiscing about New Found Glory’s earlier Tri-State area performances, Bolooki recounted that at a show twelve years earlier, in New Jersey, a fan disguised himself as a Dominos worker, in order to “bring” pizza to the band, after managing to land backstage.

In actuality, the fan worked for Dominos and used his uniform to get past security. He recalled the fan announcing, “Look, there’s no pizza in this box and we just worked our way in here.”

Nonetheless, the band, in appreciative fashion, permitted the fan to not only stay, but also watch the concert from a side-stage view. Much to Bolooki’s disappointment, the band never did receive pizza that evening.

The example offered by Bolooki is a testament to the band’s fans’ evident devotion throughout New Found Glory’s seventeen-year career.

Currently headlining the “Glamour Kills Tour,” New Found Glory has experienced the tremendous highs and lows that correlate with the ever-mercurial music industry. Despite experiencing waves of notoriety, New Found Glory has witnessed the exacerbation of record sales.

As Bolooki explained, “Obviously, numbers have changed, for the entire industry. I think one of the greatest things about our band is that from the beginning, we were always about touring and playing shows.”

Though a shift in numbers has occurred, throughout the years, New Found Glory has experienced an increase in record sales with their latest release, “Resurrection.” Despite competing against Yellowcard for day-of sales, Bolooki noted, “We both actually sold around the same number of copies, too…I’m not really counting,” and emphasized, “The important thing is we sold more with this record in the first week than we did on our last release.”

Subsequently, with “Resurrection” landing at #25 on the Billboard charts, it appears as though success continues to align with New Found Glory’s musical outputs. Numbers have vacillated and the industry has shifted, but Bolooki continues to look towards the performing aspect, aspiring to hone in on the band’s evident triumphs, responding with gratitude instead of cynicism.

As he conveyed, “We’ve played at so many venues around the city and around the world, and that’s what we focus on. It doesn’t really matter what happens around us, as long as we can keep playing shows.”

Alexa Spieler is music editor. Email her at


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