Stello; Del Water Gap captivate Fontana’s Bar for CMJ

By Madeleine Grossman

Via Facebook

On Oct. 22, Manhattan- based trio, Stello, took the stage at Fontana’s Bar to play their first show as a part of the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Towards the beginning of the show, the brand new band, comprised of vocalist Kit Conway, drummer Charlie Schlinkert, and bassist Jared Lacasce, played  “Feelers” – their rock n’ roll yet slightly jazz-infused single.

Stello churned out an energetic combination of both original and cover songs for a small but enthusiastic crowd.  At one point they played a slower, rock version of a Frank Ocean song, while blending in some jazz elements, where at another point they showcased an Elvis Costello cover.

The band passionately played every song, generating enthusiasm about the future of their music, and ended the show expressing their gratitude for everyone who made it out to the show that night.

Soon after Stello left the stage, New York-based band Del Water Gap began playing their heartfelt alternative folk songs.  Lead vocalist, Holden Jaffe, made friendly banter with the audience in between the sounds of trumpets and guitars.  Founding members Will Evans and Charlie Schlinkert joined Jaffe along with Kit Conway and Jared Lacasce from Stello.

The group gracefully managed to switch between upbeat, danceable yet still folky songs such as “Rockman’s Pier” to slow, emotion stirring tunes like “Lost My Cat/Put in a Cage”. Every note was perfectly in pitch, much to the pleasure of the crowd, while the band played songs off their 2014 EP “Sleeping,” along with even newer songs.

Del Water Gap ended the show hopping all over the stage, climbing on top of drums and simply enjoying themselves, putting on a show that deserved more recognition.  The band will be playing another show on Saturday, Oct. 25 at The Studio at Webster Hall.

Madeleine Grossman is a contributing writer. Email her at


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