Alexz Johnson relishes her independence on “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”

By Matthew Mahoney

Via Big Picture Media
Via Big Picture Media

Alexz Johnson, whose career began around fifteen years ago when she began acting at the age of eleven, just released her second album “Let ‘Em Eat Cake this month.  Her fall tour, which began about a week ago, is making two stops in New York, as a part of the CMJ Music Marathon. Johnson spent the Oct. 22 afternoon in the CMJ Press and Artist lounge where she spent a few minutes discussing her latest album with WSN.

WSN: Favorite thing about New York City?

AJ: I love that at any moment there are lives shows you can see.

WSN: Your new album was funded through Pledge Music, how was this experience for you?

AJ: It was awesome.  It was a little bit more work, but it is more gratifying because I get to own everything I do and I get to have control.  I got offered a major deal from the completion of this album and I turned it down because it’s been so nice, having been signed two times in my career and having that fail because of inner label stuff it’s been really nice have control over my releases, my vibe, my music and my tours.  I am really enjoying the freedom, and Pledge [Music] has been amazing, I mean, again it was a lot, but I had my packages sent out, vinyl has been taking a while, so I sent everyone free albums in the mail.  It’s been really fun to be able to so one on one with the people who support me because I don’t really have this like crazy expectation of my career to be some sort of rock star, but I would like to be able to keep the fans who love my music engaged and to have a solid career for the rest of my life.  And that’s my goal

WSN: Do you think you would you release another album through Pledge Music?

AJ: Maybe, I mean who knows, unless some great indie distribution label comes on board and wants to help listen to my voice and help be a part of that.  I like to design my own clothes, and I am very hands-on, so maybe, we’ll have to see.

WSN: What is something you are looking forward to in the future?  

AJ: The music video I’m going to be doing for “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” and touring this album in Europe and South America; I want to go all over the place with it.  I’m going to be spending the next two years touring and putting out songs and making music videos.  There is such a story to this album that I want to do a couple of music videos and keep on touring to have that fund the making of the music videos.  I’m also releasing this really cool “live from the rehearsal studio” for “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” to keep people engaged.  But at the end of the day, as an indie artist, I have the power of my Twitter page and my Facebook page.  And I still leave places having people going, “Oh you played Portland last night? I didn’t know,” so it’s a bit more of a grind, but I like it that way, it feels more authentic because the people who want to be there are there.  Instead of being plastered on a billboard and being shoved down people’s throats, because that’s fleeting and the quicker you make it the quicker people will dismiss you. So I’d rather just grow.

Matthew Mahoney is a staff writer. Email him at


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