Bad Judge, Season 1, Episode 2: “Meteor Shower”

By Anubhuti Kumar

via EW
via EW

The latest installment in the misadventures of Judge Rebecca Wright proved just as fanciful and ridiculous as the first. This is not to say it did not garner laughs, but you really have to suspend logic and expectations to glean any enjoyment from the show.

Within the first few minutes the Honorable Judge Wright is seen driving to work with just a pencil skirt and lacey camisole on. When stuck in traffic, the man behind her seems in quite a rush and honks his horn continuously while Wright is waiting for an old lady to cross the street. After Wright leans out her window to try and explain without avail, she walks over to the fire truck parked across the street, grabs their ax, and proceeds to slash the tires of the serial honker. When confronted, she hands over her card and tells the honker to come see her about it at her courthouse, informing him that she is a judge.

At first glance this seems like a gross misuse of power, and it definitely is. But when you watch this scene you cannot help but let out a chuckle at the vindication felt. Everybody has been in a situation like this if they have ever driven a car.

Wright then goes on to show up at the courthouse in the same attire (shirtless) to find that her latest high-profile case involving a B-list celebrity has attracted paparazzi, Her boss warns her to dress appropriately but they show up to photograph her before she can and poses for them with while making an obscene gesture. When those photos go online, it would be logical to think that she would be discredited as a judge, but in the world of Judge Wright, contrarily, she is still well respected as one of the premier judges in the state if California.

Throughout the episode Wright goes on to eat some “special” brownies, call 911, sleep with the paramedic, and put a courtroom full of paparazzi in jail for disturbing her courtroom with a ringing cell phone.

Robby Shoemaker, a boy to whom Wright was introduced as guardian or mentor in the series premiere, makes no appearance in this episode, which seems odd considering how persistently present he was in her life previously. The first episode made him appear an integral part of the plotline of the show, and it will be interesting to see whether the direction of the show changes from what was hinted at, taking a step away from a relationship that seemed to be heading toward a cliché ending of leading the lead character to appreciate the warm feeling responsibility for another person seems to always lead to.

Her relationship with the courtroom guard is furthered in this episode, painting him as the sane, reliable best friend in Wright’s life. Their relationship and interactions are entertaining to watch with their polarizing personalities creating conflict without a falter in the foundation of the friendship.

Though the plot has some obvious inconsistencies, Wright takes her courtroom duties quite seriously and is tough, fair, and together while on the job. Walsh switches between these two opposing personalities well, believable and charming. If looking for a few mindless laughs and a trip away from reality on a otherwise boring Thursday evening, “Bad Judge” might be the solution.

Anubhuti Kumar is a contributing writer.  Email her at


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