The Confessions of Max Irons

by Christina Cacouris


Via The Guardian

Max Irons, an emerging young star and son of actor Jeremy Irons, recently played Stephen Bellamy in the London premier of “Farragut North.” Irons will also be starring in the upcoming movie “Posh.”

Washington Square News: Which of the seven deadly sins do you most relate to, and how do you bring that into your character?

Max Irons: For my character [Stephen Bellamy] definitely pride. Pride in his own ability, as a motivating force. For myself…perhaps pride as well, but in a positive way; self-confident.

WSN: Your favorite virtue:

MI: Kindness.

WSN: Your favorite qualities in a man:

MI: Openness. Men don’t open up. Except for [actor] Josh [O’Connor]. He’s very open.

WSN: Your chief characteristic:

MI: I’m quite silly! I love to prank people. Especially Josh, who also tries to prank me every show.

WSN: What you appreciate most in your friends:

MI: Kindness. It’s a very attractive quality. When someone is genuinely kind, they light up.

WSN: Your main fault:

MI: Procrastination.

WSN: Your favorite occupation:

MI: Working with kids. I’d love to continue doing that when I move to New York.

WSN: Your idea of happiness:

MI: Hiking and rock climbing. It has to be very hot, so you get sweaty. The feeling of clarity when you reach the top…and then running all the way back down and jumping in a lake.

WSN: Your idea of misery:

MI: Missing out, through your own doing. Also, being heartbroken, I suppose.

WSN: If not yourself, who would you be?

MI: Alex Turner [lead singer from the Arctic Monkeys]. Or a fighter pilot, but I wouldn’t want to kill anyone.

WSN: Where would you like to live?

MI: Practically, London. Less practically, in a house on the beachwhen it’s very stormy, when the waves are crashing and it’s pouring rain, and you’re inside with someone you love.

WSN: Your favorite color and flower:

MI: Dark red. And tulips. Some of them are quite striking.

WSN: Your heroes in real life:

MI: My half-brother. He’s a politician, but he believes in doing what’s right. He gives almost all of his money to charity, because that’s how he believes it should be. He’s the polar opposite of my character; there’s no smoke and mirrors.

WSN: Your favorite heroines in real life:

MI: Malala Yousafzai. She’s incredible.

WSN: What characters in history do you most dislike:

MI: Stalin. That’s a bit easy, but I’m going to do a film about him, so that’s what’s in my mind.

WSN: Your favorite food and drink:

MI: Anything simple. And I really like Coke. Sometimes, people have a glass of wine that they say is amazing, but I think, “Really? Is it really better than a Coke?”

WSN: What you hate most:

MI: There are many levels to that question, aren’t there? People reading the newspaper in doorways, racism and overall, unkindness.

WSN: The military event you admire the most:

MI: The French Invasion of Russia in 1812. The French attacked the Russians with cannons, and in the snow, they thought they had won, so they left their cannons there and began to retreat. Then the Russians snuck up and turned the cannons around and fired it back at them. I just think that’s quite cheeky.

WSN: The natural talent you’d like to be gifted with:

MI: Singer/songwriter/guitar player.

WSN: How you wish to die:

MI: Surrounded by family and love. Peacefully. Having lived the life that I hope to live now.

WSN: Your present state of mind:

MI: Confident, ambitious, determined, slightly scared.

WSN: Your favorite names:

MI: Molly and Sophie. I’d like to have three daughters. Or two daughters and a son. You know what I almost got named? Umbarbadinky. My dad met a South African man with that name and thought it would be “fun.” Can you believe that? Thank god for my mother.

Christina Cacouris is a contributing writer. Email her at


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