WSN Goes to Tribeca, Entry #14: Interview with “G.B.F.’s” Derek Mio

by Jeremy Grossman


One of the most impressive casts in any movie at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is Darren Stein’s “G.B.F.” The film features a slew of up-and-coming young talent, one of them Derek Mio, best known as Wade from ABC Family’s “Greek.” Mio spoke with WSN about acting in “G.B.F.” and his experience at this year’s festival.

How is your character in “G.B.F.” different from all previous characters you’ve played before?
Although I got to wear some pretty cool outfits on “Greek,” I gotta say my character in “G.B.F.,” Glenn, is rocking some seriously edgy gear. He also gets to display his own unique, care-free skills on the dance floor. He’s the first character I’ve played who everyone thinks is gay, but isn’t, and who scores some booty because of that very misconception. It shouldn’t make sense but it does!

How did you become involved with “G.B.F.?” What was your audition like?
It was just like any other audition except it was probably the fastest read I’ve done for a feature length script. It was literally a page turner; just joke after joke and I was laughing out loud. I wanted to bring that same enjoyable energy into my read. I remember going into the audition and there must have been what felt like 10 people in the room. It was a little overwhelming at first but they ended up being super friendly and responded with laughs during my read which was very encouraging. I’m really glad they liked me.

How is your relationship with the rest of the cast? Can you share any particularly fun or memorable moments from the set?
I think everyone on the cast is super cool and from such interesting, diverse backgrounds. I feel like I can hang out with any of them one on one and be totally at ease. We’re like a family now. I remember on one of the first days of filming, Paul [Iacono], Michael [J. Willett] and I were in the holding area for the actors, and we were talking about music, and the next thing you know Paul is beat boxing on the table, I’m freestyle rapping, and Michael is singing harmonies! It was wild! Doing my scene with Andrea, who plays ‘Shley, in the bedroom of the party scene was a really fun time also. My character had to pretend he was being turned on by imagining she was David Archuleta. Again, it doesn’t make sense, but you just have to watch it to know what I’m talking about! It was also fun on set trying to get Molly Tarlov to tweet me. Still waiting on that one…

How has the experience at Tribeca been so far?
It’s really been a dream come true. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be in the greatest city in the world for one of the biggest film festivals in the world founded by my favorite actor in the world–Robert De Niro. I already said ‘hi’ to Ben Stiller near Union Square, walked past Sam Rockwell on Avenue A, and bumped into Paul Iacono from “G.B.F.” in SOHO. Where else does this happen?

What is one role that you would love to play at some point in your career?
Well, I grew up on the gangster films of the 90s like “Pulp Fiction,” “Boyz N The Hood,” “Menace II Society,” “Belly,” and “City of God,” so I’ve always wanted to play that character from the streets, but full of hopes and dreams. I’d also love to play a samurai since I’m a direct descendent of one. No really.

What’s next for you? What sort of projects can we look forward to?
A couple of things are still in the works but currently I’m in pre-production for a short that I wrote and will direct and star in. I get to show off some of my impersonation skills which is exciting and also terrifying! Yo Lorne Michaels, wattup!

Jeremy Grossman is film editor. Email him at For even more coverage of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, please visit


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